hey so i made a utaite network! it’s open for anyone who likes utaite to join, there’s also no member limit.

here’s how to join:

  • fill out this application
  • message me that you filled it out
  • you are NOT required to be following me
  • you are NOT required to put the badge on your theme (however it would be preferred; you can resize it to fit your theme however needed, if you don’t know how to put a badge on your blog please ask if you want.)
  • please reblog this post if you’re interested in joining
  • you are not required to follow any of the other members; however it would be nice if you would check out their blogs.
  • the goal of this network is to just have a place for people with similar interests to be listed together, maybe you might see someone with the same fav utaite as you and you guys become friends idk

thank you!

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@posaunee: もっふーとねるっぴがじんさんのベッドで寝てる

Zauni : Moffu and Neru-pi are sleeping on Jin-san bed.

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TRACK: Dare ka, Umi wo.
Zankyou no Terror ED -「Dare ka, Umi wo.」

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I'm so stupid.

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No... it's nothing.

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@neru_sleep: 記憶が曖昧だけど、金曜辺りにぶっ続けの作業で気付いたら床で死んでた時間帯があって、そのせいでめっちゃ風邪引いた。インフルエンザかってくらい熱がヤバい。誰かポカリ買ってきてくれ〜
@neru_sleep: My memory was pretty vague, and the work i did continued on to around friday, so before i noticed it i was already dying on my bed and because it’s been such a long time since i…

ARTIST: TK from ling tosite sigure
TRACK: unravel (full version)
ALBUM: unravel


unravel by TK from ling tosite sigure, full version

kanekism found it on nico so I ripped out the audio.

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so cute

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please reblog this if it is okay to anonymously confess something to you

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